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3D / VR Modelling

Creating a VR experience means creating that world and all the objects in it, and bringing it to life. Defined as "multimedia immersion" for its capacity to mobilize all human senses, a virtual reality model offers an exciting new way to showcase your business product or service. It allows the viewer to gain a more personal connection with the content as they can look all around the VR module to see multiple points of interest. We can combine this with spatial audio & Interactions to deliver truly immersive results.

Since 3D Information Models are the base for all Building Information Modelling (BIM) benefits & deliverables, we use experienced resources that are further trained to understand the overall BIM Ecosystem so that they can integrate the right information at the relevant Life-cycle phase of the Building and deliver an output which is lean and adheres to the BIM Standards. We have worked on various projects and have the ability to work comprehensively throughout the Project Life-cycle right from Concept to Facility Management and Operations.


Conversion of 2D to 3D Models for NavisWorks, 3DMax

Creating 3D model library for repetitive components / equipments

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